I Believe in Everything

March 15, 2012

Call it Swimming

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Call it swimming, an afternoon
like this, and wading:
this warming breeze.

The inner square of Ithaca
swept hush, while at its
shore, the terns make

what they make of spring, so early
and itself alone. Divorced
of frost to usher in

the bleating of this year,
evocative of flower storms
that near. They carry in

this breeze on backs, the terns,
to flood this square, its air, like blood.

No difference now,
this outside and what’s not.

January 30, 2009

stream of words, put me to sleep

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clear vision, little lines, where the nomad comes from only the burning bush knows

the sacrificial goat pan killed for feast, allegro! the maidens found in psychedelic woods cry no!

refinements, the dark forest gave rise to lone wolf fiction, walked on hind legs upright and let out diseases

speed and morph into mystery and myth

myth mystical magic theory fact.

god! no god! god! no god at all! Sing in unison, you’re singing the same song.

man unravels his skirt into a map, sends Galileo across where there are no shadows.

measure and draw- the answers of science of god, of no god.

dance, adam farted on eve’s thigh and some talent does come from god challenged.

“That we may see and remark and say Whose?”

do you want me to? In the antechamber? Do you hear me? Speak the words

through blind eyes will you? taunt, I would mock thy words, if they were less sublime.

plant syllables enough to make sonnets bust at their seams and fill the ocean of epic form and similes that make the moon put on armor at first mention wage war. the line, like a circle, hovering in the air.

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