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April 8, 2011

Sudden Urge to Go Birdwatching-or HawkHerzog

At the dacha had a sudden urge to go birdwatching (not unusual). The flight of the local Red Tail hawk caught my attention and I looked out of the window. Gone! I grabbed my binoculars and went outside. The day was really gray. Gray like there has never been a blue sky ever.  Leaning against the house, I scanned the sky for hawk. Some neighbors that never come over were milling about the pond close by.  The hawk! He landed on a young poplar not eight feet away.  I could see it just fine, but went for the binoculars anyway. Meanwhile the hawk leaned in, and as he did he morphed into Werner Herzog’s face, which spoke “sometimes it’s best not to look from within.”  A conversation ensued…I tried to explain the necessity of binoculars in birdwatching. The subtleties that are not otherwise visible. The personalities visible upon magnification. That they were not somehow frivolous, the binoculars. Some things were said. I woke up right after HawkHerzong said “yes, but we still live in an industrial and mechanical age.” Go figure!

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day thinking about- binoculars as video cameras, birds, and this idea: the widespread belief that we are somehow post-industrial and beyond mechanical (aka onto digital) is false.

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  1. But how can it be false if hawk-Herzog said it? And if we’re onto digital, how can we be post-mechanical because is not digital just another layer of abstraction built on a granular mechanical foundation? I don’t think we’re post anything that has ever happened in human history, I mean we’re not even post-Hammurabi yet! (We still believe in the restorative power of retributive punishment).

    This has been an introductory rant.

    Comment by Daniel Luisi — November 2, 2011 @ 3:10 pm

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